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What is it?

An economic way to fully experience IHP and have one-on-one, private consulting with JC Santana. The student has full control of content and experience.  It’s a custom-designed EXECUTIVE experience!!


There is no curriculum to learn during the IHP Executive Mentorship.  Our Executive guests CREATE their own learning experience; they go at the pace they want, ask the questions they are interested in and chose the format in which they learn best; lecture or hands-on.


The Executive Mentorship and Professional Mentorship differ in several ways.  First, the Executive Mentorship is 60% more economical than the Professional Mentorship. 

The Executive Mentorship is more of a freestyle format with less supervision and no set agenda or course work, where the student is in control of what he or she learns, its design to kick start a career or fine-tune an existing career.  The Executive Mentorship is what the student makes it; it can be fun and relaxed or hard-driving and intense.  

The Professional Mentorship has a pre-determined and concentrated curriculum, provides an extensive outlined workbook, provides a signed autograph book from JC, culminates with the presentation of the Mentorship Certificate, and has twice the supervised exposure to JC and the IHP staff than the Executive Mentorship.  The Professional Mentorship is a year of study condensed into a week, “it’s like drinking water out of a firehose”.



How much is it?

Three days - $749 – $149 to reserve, $600 upon arrival*

Five days - $979 – $279 to reserve, $700 upon arrival*

Group rates available at: for quotes on your group

*Executive guests are responsible for all travel, lodging, food, and transportation to and from IHP associated with this event.


What the student gets!


  • Share time and workouts with IHP trainers

  • Spend ONE-ON-ONE time to consult with JC Santana

  • A SPECIAL EVENT WITH JC (e.g. bike ride, beach trip, lunch, a workout)

  • Unlimited access to all classes and all facilities at IHP!

  • Unlimited learning opportunity!


The Executive process and schedule

When a student registers for the Executive Mentorship, they fill out a form that allows us to assist them in designing their executive experience.  Based on their level of career development and interests we make recommendations as to activities they may want to be involved in and information they may want to cover.  They will be provided a schedule of IHP classes, and when they will meet with JC Santana.  Due to our class schedule, students usually meet with JC around 10 am, but other times may be arranged.

Additional consulting with JC or members of the IHP Staff can be added a la carte, and at special EXECUTIVE rates.   Areas of expertise include:

  • General fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Spinal rehabilitation

  • Sports specific training

  • Marketing and social media promotions

  • Authoring and creating book/videos

  • Video editing publishing


Who is this for?

The Executive Mentorship is for those who:


  • Have lots of questions for JC

  • Want some one-on-one, private time with the man himself

  • Want to see how the IHP trainers train their clients

  • Enjoy special pricing not otherwise available

  • Want to relax in South Florida beaches, shop in our beautiful malls, enjoy our music and cuisine, and visit our world famous theme parks!!

  • Want all of this at a price never offered before. 


Young fitness professional or individuals just starting their journey in fitness will enjoy coming to IHP and getting a jump-start on their career.  Learning what to do to get the right start on your career is extremely important.   However, what pitfalls to avoid are even more important.  Learning what to do and what not to do can save a young fitness professional thousands of dollars and years of work!  Moving ahead quickly, while saving time and money is the number one thing every young trainer needs.   The Executive Mentorship will deliver exactly that.


Experienced Fitness Professionals, graduates of the IHP Certification program, and even seasoned veterans of the IHP Mentorship program, will benefit by getting specific information that address their specific needs.  Connecting the dots of a career is the evolutionary pinnacle of any professional, and this is what the Executive Mentorship will do for the experienced trainer. 


EXECUTIVE GUEST Responsibilities

This is a self-guided experience for the proactive and motivated fitness professional. The Executive Guest must:

  • be the creator of their experience at IHP and must be accountable for that

  • Know what they want out of their executive experience and come ready to get what they want. 

  • take responsibility for observing and asking questions of JC and the IHP staff

  • adhere to the schedule they design and be on time to review sessions and classes

  • come with no less that 15-20 well-composed questions

What a sample EXECUTIVE day can look like

7:30 am – light breakfast at your nearby hotel (on your own)

10:00 am – meet with JC for 1 hour

12-4:00 pm – observe specific clients, go to beach, or shop at Town Center Mall (on your own)

4-9:00 pm – observe clients, take more classes, converse with IHP trainers and train on IHP’s state-of-the-art equipment

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