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IHPU Level 2 (Exercise Specialist) Certification
  • IHPU Level 2 (Exercise Specialist) Certification

    Course Description: The IHP Exercise Specialist Certification is our intermediate level (level 2) certification for professional personal trainers. The personal trainer should have a solid understanding of basic IHP philosophies, systems, methods, and programs at this level. We also recommend that a trainer have 12–18 months of experience in the personal training field. Professional wisdom comes from the combination of education and experience. The practical experience we suggest between courses allows a better understanding of all theoretical and practical information offered in this course.


    This certification contains 14 hours of lectures and videos, providing a thorough review of the Instructor Certification, expanding that knowledge base and skill set to more advanced concepts and applications. Upon completion, the professional trainer will be ready for the subsequent certification in our educational system, the Certified Personal Trainer Certification. We recommend at least six months of practical experience using the information contained in this certification before advancing to our third-level certification, Certified Personal Trainer.


    This course will teach you the following:


    • How to apply and discuss the history of the PT career
      • Every successful professional has a good account of who they are and from where they came; if you don’t learn from your history, you are bound to repeat it.
    • How your professional lineage impacts what kind of trainer you are
      • The more you understand why you do what you do, the better you get at figuring out what to do next.
    • More complex ideas and definitions
      • This will provide a better understand of the training IHP provides and will enable you to explain it to clients in very simple terms.
    • To simplify and explain advanced physical concepts that govern function and functional training (the biomechanics of function)
      • You will learn how momentum (and other physical qualities) is used in functional movements and functional training to create efficient movement.
    • The concept of OPTIMAL STRENGTH— where more strength in the gym is NOT NECESSARY
      • Identifying the point of diminishing returns in strength training is a point of differentiation of the IHP Training System.
    • How to turn your assessment into a potent marketing tool
      • It’s one thing is to tell someone they have asymmetrical weaknesses and compensations; it’s another to allow them to live it. The IHP assessment is how the client ‘lives it’.
    • The simple, effective, and straightforward approach to dealing with back issues
      • If you can deal with back pain effectively—you will have a huge advantage over other trainers.
    • To expand the exercise library provided by the Instructor Certification
      • All exercises will be tied into performance characteristics (the 4 Pillars)
    • The IHP metabolic circuit training approach
      • Learn how metabolic training can tone your body and help you outlast the competition.
    • The basic programs for each phase of training are reviewed and expanded.
      • Learn how to program for any phase of training you need.
    • How basic customer service and promotions allow you to increase your client load
      • Customer service keeps existing clients happy and encourages them to refer other clients.
      • To effectively train people, you first must have people to train.
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