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IHPU Level 1 (Fitness Instructor) Certification
  • IHPU Level 1 (Fitness Instructor) Certification

    Course description: The IHP Instructor Certification is our entry level certification for professional personal trainers.  However, some basic workout knowledge is recommended for successful completion of this course. 


    This certification contains 12 hours of lectures and videos and provide all the essential information and practical knowledge needed to begin working as a professional personal trainer. 


    Upon completion of this course the student is ready for the next certification in our educational system, the Exercise Specialist Certification. We recommend 6-12 months of experience using the system we introduce Instructor Certification before advancing to Exercise Specialist certification.


    This course will teach you:

    • A brief historical perspective of the PT career
      • Everybody has a history that helps them understand who they are
    • A brief introduction into the PT career
      • It’s important to know the difference between WHAT you NEED to know vs WHO you THINK you need to be
    • Basic definitions needed to effectively communicate with clients
      • Trainers need look like trainers, communicate like trainers, and train like trainers.   We are NOT college professors, physiologists, doctors, or therapists.
    • The simple models that help understand and program functional training
      • This is the logic that explains why functional training is so effective  
    • The function of the body’s CORE - the SERAPE EFFECT
      • It’s important to know what the core is and what it does so you can explain your training effectively
    • The training system that makes IHP so unique – IHP HYBRID TRAINING SYSTEM
      • Since all training methods have their strengths, effective personal trainer must know how to combine different training styles into a single, seamless, program
    • A simple functional assessment strategy  
      • The assessment allows the clients to SEE, FEEL, and UNDERTAND their weakness
    • Exercise selection and programming
      • Programming and periodization MADE SIMPLE
    • Basic communication and marketing strategies
      • Effective outreach and interpersonal communications IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF PERSONAL TRAINING.  You can’t train a client you don’t have!





    Course material:

    IHPU Instructor Certification Program - This includes a full study guide, powerpoint presentation from JC Santana, Video to a LIVE Certiciation at IHP, and the test. This course also includes the JC Octagon Certification material (videos)




    * Open the study guide for details on how to complete the certificationYou have 120 days to complete this course. After your second retake there is a $50 fee to take the exam againIf you do not successfully pass the certification you must pay an additional $50 fee to retake it. All certifications and seminars are final sale.

    200,00$ Precio
    40,00$Precio de oferta
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