IHPU Level 1 (Fitness Instructor) Certification
  • IHPU Level 1 (Fitness Instructor) Certification

    Online certification course - IHPU Level 1 (Instructor) Certification takes place over 10+ hours. This course provides a deeper understanding in preparation for the more rigorous Exercise Specialist course. The IHP Instructor Certification begins by reviewing some basic controversies within the fitness industry as they relate to function and functional training. This course then expands on the 4 Pillars of Human Movement Model, relating daily activities with exercises from each pillar of movement. Expands the physics of the operational environment and learn to apply basic Newtonian laws as they pertain to function and the environment. It also extends the basic exercise repertoire previously provided by the introduction course, and then introduces the concept of “IHP HYBRID” training and the 3-Tier Integration System that allows various training philosophies and modalities to co-exist within a single training system. The IHP FT Instructor certification will be issued upon successful completion of this course. This Certification is MANDATORY FOR THE FT EXERCISE SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION!


    IHPU Instructor Certification Program - This includes a full study guide, powerpoint presentation from JC Santana, Video to a LIVE Certiciation at IHP, and the test. This course also includes the JC Octagon Certification material (videos)


    * Open the study guide for details on how to complete the certificationYou have 120 days to complete this course. After your second retake there is a $50 fee to take the exam againIf you do not successfully pass the certification you must pay an additional $50 fee to retake it. All certifications and seminars are final sale.

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