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Metabolic Training Certification
  • Metabolic Training Certification


    Once the course is purchased, you will receive a digital workbook, private video links, and an exam.


    Video Seminar

    Workbook (mobile-friendly)

    Online Exam


    This certification is one of our most popular and powerful training methods and covers the more important topics of IHP’s metabolic training system:

    • Introduction of the IHP metabolic training

    • Definitions of our proprietary terms and definitions

    • The hormonal effects of metabolic protocols

    • Sample of our metabolic training protocols

    • Protocol implementation

    • Complementary nutrition

    • And much more

    IHP clients and athletes are known for their excellent conditioning and mental fortitude.

    It is because of our metabolic conditioning.

    Metabolic conditioning provides unlimited performance octane and a fantastic way to tone the body without adding significant muscle mass. It is an essential tool in fat burning due to the ‘fat-burning’ hormonal environment it helps create.

    Upon completing this course, the student is ready for more complex certifications within the IHPU educational system, such as the JC Octagon Training, or continue the path to complete all three certifications that lead to the IHPU Personal Trainer.


    • Basic definitions that are necessary for everyone to be on the same page

    o Every discipline has its nomenclature, and you need to learn it to be able to communicate.

    o Our simple way of communicating allows everybody to understand the topic of metabolic condition.

    • The most important hormones that are affected by metabolic training

    o The most powerful system that exercise stimulates is the hormonal system

    o The hormonal system dictates everything from energy utilization to strength adaptations.

    • Over a dozen metabolic protocols use daily at IHP

    o Everything is covered: legs, chest, back, arms, and total body.

    o Multiple protocols per body system are illustrated.

    • The IHP programming that outlines HOW to use our metabolic protocols

    o Everything is covered: sets, reps, daily and weekly programming.

    o Our exclusive ‘pre-fatigue’ application is introduced.

    • Finally, we dive into nutritional intervention for accelerated fat burning.

    o Nutritional strategies that take advantage of the hormonal environment created by metabolic training help reduce body fat

    o Sample weekly nutritional program is provided and discussed.


    This course includes a complete study guide, a PowerPoint presentation from JC Santana, a video of a LIVE Certification at IHP, and the test.

    • Open the study guide for details on how to complete the certification.

    • You have 120 days to complete this course.

    • You have two chances (retakes) to pass the course.

    • If you do not successfully pass the certification after two attempts, you must pay an additional $50 fee for each retake.

    • All certifications and seminars are final sales.

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