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IHPU Level 3 (Personal Training) Certification
  • IHPU Level 3 (Personal Training) Certification

    For the first time - A PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATION THAT REALLY ENCOMPASSES PERSONAL TRAINING!! If you have had enough of complicated university-based information, in-affective physical therapy protocols, and programming that does not work for the majority of your clients, then this certification is for you. We have been developing right out of universities from over 20 years and we KNOW what trainers need to be SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL TRAINERS. This certification will cover everything from coaching, evaluations, and marketing, to our world famous programming. This is the beginning of a new era for the personal training history. We moved the needle with functional training in the late 1990s and we will move the needle again, this certification is the beginning.

    *You must complete the first three certitifcations to get access to your CPT exam.


    Topics that will be covered:

    • Fitness Programming
    • Redefining the Human Will
    • Marketing for Gym Owners and Trainers
    • and much more
    379,95$ Precio
    129,00$Precio de oferta
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